Temporary Employment Services in a New Era

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Continuous investment in upskilling and development is key

SOUTH AFRICA’S business demands, slow economic growth and high levels of unemployment, particularly among our youth, dictate flexibility and upskilling of staff in the work environment says Transman CEO Angela Dick. She adds, “In a highly competitive market, continuous investment in the upskilling and development of staff and in outsourcing services, are some of the contributing factors that give businesses a competitive edge. This is one of the reasons why we recognise and actively promote the National Skills Development Plan for all staff to ensure upliftment, financial security and ultimately national economic growth. “Over the years, we have, in collaboration with our clients, trained hundreds of thousands of work seekers in many different skills areas required by different industries and product lines. Thus securing the development and productive employment of our people.” This year mentorship and internships for youth is the main focus, with initiatives like the Yes 4 Youth programme recognising the critical role youth play in shaping the economy.

“Close to 6 million youth able to work are unable to find employment so, in collaboration with Services SETA, we are committed to finding work experience for these young minds. The benefit for them in the Temporary Employment Services industry is they are exposed to the enormous variety of services and different skills sets we provide to commercial and industrial business across the board.” She reminds, “For 36 years, our services have provided critical operational and staffing support to help companies achieve their business objectives.” An experienced team supports temporary, contract and permanent staffing requirements, productivity based outsourcing, payroll, recruitment, HR/IR, health and safety, training and skills development together with employee wellness. Clients are provided secure access to a customised, unique management information system designed specifically to suit multiple business and labour models.

Dick assures, “We excel in meeting the many business challenges in the country through the excellent services of our internal and external Labour Law professionals and have no hesitation in ensuring every aspect of all stakeholders’ interests are protected.” Transman, she adds, sets, maintains and promotes best practice standards, ensuring an aligned and fully-compliant business with all relevant legislation. “Internal compliance to safety, wages, employee benefits, compensation, and employee protection ensures positive support. We understand and help business meet its objectives. It is our commitment to Africa!”

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