Trusted for over 36 years, Candidates can enjoy the professional relationships established with our recruiters. We are constantly on the lookout for new talent and our Management Information System (MIS) maintains a comprehensive database of all Candidates who have been selected for successful placement. The selection and hiring process is fundamental to the placement of suitable candidates that will match the profile of our Client’s requirements.  There are over 54 000 job categories and growing in which we place staff, from general workers, temporary office administrators to senior C-Suite positions.



Most frequent questions and answers

A: No! As a registered Temporary Employment Services provider, Transman does not charge fees of any kind to any job seeker. Please note that it is illegal in South Africa for anyone to charge for the services associated with finding employment.

A: No. Remember, submitting your CV does not mean guaranteed employment. We can only place staff if they have applied for a job post advertised by us and they meet the requirements of the job.

A: Unfortunately not. Transman is dependent on the availability of jobs with our clients, and will need to assess your skill, education and experience before determining whether you are suitable for assignment.

A: Transman offers businesses (our clients) services associated with recruitment and workforce management, and charges them a fee. We do not charge our temporary staff. The only deductions that would need to be made from temporary staff would be those that are required by law, i.e. UIF, PAYE.

A: Once you have applied for work, our consultants will assess your skill, education, and experience. If you meet the requirements, you will be asked to come in for an interview and an assessment. It is essential that we are able to assess your abilities to ensure that we accurately match you with opportunities at our clients.

A:  Yes. For assignees working in regulated sectors, applicable benefits as per Bargaining Council agreements will apply. In addition, Transman also has a Provident Fund, and a non-contributory funeral benefit available for assignees.

A: Assignees are paid weekly, one week in arrears, as per their contract of employment. Wages are agreed at the outset of the contract, and hours are based on the timesheet signed off by the client. Payments are made into the assignee’s nominated bank account.

A:  Yes. It is an important part of our recruitment process that all assignees are properly verified and this can include credit, criminal, and reference checks. These checks are done in strict compliance with the law, and with your express permission.

A: Transman has clients across South Africa and so job opportunities, both temp and perm, can happen just about anywhere. Our local offices, situated across the country, will recruit individuals from the area. When you register with us we will direct you to our nearest office.

A: The South African legislation provides exactly the same rights for temporary employees as permanent employees, providing that they work for more than 24 hours in any given month. This means that temps are entitled to notice periods, annual, sick and family responsibility leave, and to paid public holidays.  Transman is 100% compliant, and ensures that our assignees receive all of their entitled benefits.

A: Transman will be your employer, and is responsible for contracting with you and all associated employer-employee relations. You will however work on the client’s site.

A: No. Despite confusion in the marketplace, the changes to the legislation simply means that as a temporary employee you are afforded extra protection in that for assignments in excess of 3 months, you would be able to take action against both Transman and/or the client in the event of any breaches of the labour legislation, alleged unfair dismissal, and organisational rights. 

A: No. There is an opportunity for you to become permanent staff, if you are a temp for Transman

If you are uncertain regarding any of the above, please call our Superheroes line: +27 800 HEROES (437 637) or email
What a Permanent Candidate can expect for the process of getting a job through Transman
What a Permanent Candidate can expect for the process of getting a job through Transman

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